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East Gippsland Bowls Division Inc.

B.V.R.R. AGM Report



Congratulations to all the State Winners and Runners-up State and Champion of Champion Events were played in all sorts of weather,  and they all just went ahead and soldiered on. (It makes me very proud to be part of the Division.)    

v      Thanks must go to Bruthen Bowls Club, Alison Harrower for starting up the Priimary School Bowling Bulldogs.

v      The Bulldogs defeated Tambo Upper Primary School and will now go on to compete in the Lawn Bowls State Finals at Darebin City Bowls Club on 

        May 3rd.

 v     Thanks also to Lakes Entrance Bowls Club for suppling the bowls. 

v      Clubs could approach their schools now, ready for next season to start up Challenge Matches as part of their physical education program. 

  • Attended the B.V.R.R. Meeting at Hawthorn Bowls Club on Wednesday 12th April 2017
  • New sponsor was found for the Region caps for both Men & Women Sides Championship where all the information regarding the Championship was distributed to Clubs.
  • Attended the following – All State Events - Midweek & Saturday Pennant Finals.
  • Region Finals of State Events, Region Men & Women’s Sides Championship Challenge Matches
  • Region Pennant Finals with East Gippsland winning all said Events.                                                                                                                                  
  • Travelled 9 hours with a coach load of ladies to Murray Downs Bowls Club where we came 3rd in the State Sides Championship, (have to keep saying that as we were so thrilled.) with another 9 hours back home with a very jubilant lot.(Looking forward to having another go next year)
  • Will have presented Super Veterans (80yrs.) Badges to Bairnsdale Bowls Club, Lakes Entrance and Paynesville Bowls Clubs for season 2016 - 2017.   (Note: Since unification, men can now be presented with Veterans (70yrs.) Badges
  • Discrimination Single Gender Events:  Holding a Male or Female Single Gender Event is classed as discrimination. However if you have held a Single Gender Event, you should have had in place a survey sheet for the players, asking why they have come to your Single Gender Event etc.  I.e. Men/ Ladies/ Men may not want to play with opposite gender (You cannot say same sex as there are variations of sex, you must say gender.)                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • If confronted by a person asking why you held a Single Gender Event and why they could not play in the said event-
  • First: You must give an apology, and read out the reasons from your survey etc.  Always do your homework and keep the said documents close at hand.                                    
  • Lauren Matthews is a Senior Legal Adviser Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission , please note the following website/s
  • Equal Opportunities in Lawn Bowls:
  • single-sex bowls events
  •  Equal opportunity in lawn bowls, what you need to know about holding single-sex competitions
  • The Victorian Civil & Administration Tribunal (VCAT) has found the Strength, Stamina & Physique of competitors is irrelevant to the outcome of Lawn Bowls Competitions  As a result, this exception should not be relied on to run a Single- Gender Competition in Lawn Bowls.
  • If you are not sure whether:  or not, a particular activity falls within one of the expectations’, you can apply to VCAT for an exemption or change your approach to otherwise comply with the law.
  • You can raise with VCAT that you think an exception may be relevant, but you are seeking a decision from them to ensure you are doing the right thing.                                                                                                                                                                                      
  • Midweek State Pennant Finals:   nder the Conditions that they played in their Division/Region some will have all men, all ladies or mixed in the Midweek State Pennant Finals.
  • Champ of Champ Pairs is not a Pathway.
  • Bowls Vic. Affiliation Fee Model Survey:   Came back that it should be fair for every one Region  A Region Meeting will be held in East Gippsland on the 23rd May 2017. (Venue: TBA)
  • All Agendas to be discussed are to be in 2 weeks prior to the said Meeting.
  • Next B.V.R.R. Meeting : 20th September 2017 


Fay Lewis: F. Lewis.

Bowls Victoria Region Representative